Job Opportunities

We are currently hiring entry-level desk clerks for a variety of Mercy Housing facilities throughout San Francisco

Desk Clerk Job Description

The Desk Clerk performs varied responsibilities, including monitoring the traffic in and out of the building, providing security to the property, and communicating appropriately and adequately with both residents and the proper authorities as needed.


Education: High school diploma or equivalent preferred
Experience: General office experience preferred



Answer telephone and greet residents and guests clearly
Ensure that doors and gates are closed and locked
Ability to treat a variety of people with respect and compassion
Maintain confidentiality
Decide when an incident is an emergency and take appropriate action


Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

Keep accurate log of all visitors to the complex
Convey accurate information to the appropriate authorities as necessary
Answer telephones and take accurate messages
Conduct patrols of the entire complex according to a schedule outlined by the Property Manager and other appropriate supervisory staff
Respond to emergency situations by calling the appropriate emergency service (e.g. police, fire department, ambulance, paramedics)

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    • The starting salary is $16.07 per hour. Overtime pay is 1 1/2 and there is double time pay for holidays. After 90 days, $2.05 per hour is put into a Medical Reimbursement Account. After 90 days you earn 1 hour of paid time off for every 30 hours that you work. You earn an additional week of paid vacation at the one year anniversary. There are periodic bonuses for good performance and overtime is frequently available.
    • There are 3 shifts available. A day shift-7 am to 3 pm, a swing shift-3 pm to 11 pm, and a graveyard shift-11 pm to 7 am.
    • Sometimes we hire for part time employment but in general we expect staff to be available to work at least 32 hours a week.
    • Training involves working through a desk clerk training manual and learning support from LEN staff. After successful completion of that material you shadow on site with an experienced clerk at 2 different housing facilities. All training time is paid
    • This depends on how capable you demonstrate yourself to be and also when a particular community has openings that you are qualified to apply for. We have had staff promoted after as little time as 5 months.
    • Yes, you can apply. You must be able to follow written directions and write effectively.
    • Yes, we have many clerks who are comfortable working as a desk clerk and that is their ultimate career goal. Our long term desk clerk employees are very valuable and we appreciate their commitment to creating positive Mercy communities.