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LEN offers jobs and on-the-job training to individuals interested in pursuing careers in property management. From the entry level position of front desk clerk, promotion to lead desk clerk, assistant manager, property manager, resident services coordinator or other administrative positions becomes a likely career path.

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Meet Karen Zhou

From LEN student to Senior Property Manager, Karen’s career path exemplifies what is possible

Karen graduated from LEN in 2009. During her training, she did an internship at the main office of Mercy Housing, after which she was hired as a roving assistant manager and then became the assistant manager at the Edith Witt Senior Community. From there, she moved on to a property manager position and now she’s a senior property manager, overseeing two facilities; Vera Haile Senior Community and 55 Laguna, a LGBT community. Karen will soon manage a third property, 95 Laguna, another LGBT community.

In their own words

Here’s what some of our staff members have to say about working for LEN. To learn more about them and their unique backgrounds, click here.

“Right from the start, I felt very supported.  I find all staff at LEN to be wonderfully encouraging; engaging in open dialogue that promotes respectful, healthy communication.”

Connie - LEN Staff

“Working with LEN as a front desk clerk has taught me a lot. There is more to learn even from things I already think I know. I can truly say that I’m happy working for LEN and I feel that I’m cared for.”

Carlos - LEN Staff

“One of the things I really like about working at LEN is how the people running it are really professional and will really work with you. They make me want to go to work and be on time. Working here has been a blessing for me; I have never been with a company this long.”

Ronald - LEN Staff

“LEN management and other staff gave me the support and training I needed to develop strong skills as a desk clerk.  I am really encouraged to go the extra mile for LEN because of how LEN management treats their employees.”

Grace - LEN Staff

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